Krav Maga - A complete and practical self defense system

Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi
Students of Krav Maga learn hardcore self-defense techniques, including multiple attacker defenses and defenses against sticks, knives, and guns. Realistic scenarios are always emphasized in training, and actual sparring is an important part of the curriculum.

Using basic techniques in various combinations, students develop an awareness and ability to defend against attacks, often through the modification of material and improvisation. Combat training generates implicit awareness and sensitivity in the everyday interactions that take place on the street.

Krav Maga Founder Imi Lichtenfeld
Krav Maga Founder Imi Lichtenfeld
Krav Maga does not exclusively rely on strength or power; from the outset students are trained to strike vulnerable targets rather than trying to match an opponent strength against strength. Students are constantly amazed by the pride and empowerment that accompany self-defense training.

Our training programs challenge students to realize their physical fitness goals, and allow them to exceed their expectations. Differences in personal conditioning and ability are respected, and each student is encouraged to maximize his or her own unique capability, with a focus on speed, endurance, and accuracy. Through Krav Maga training, all students develop the coordination necessary for effective self-defense.


Krav Maga Federation Students
The basic principles of the Krav Maga Federation follow "Imi's Method" : "the concept of the art is based upon the simplicity of movement and conservation of energy. The system of Krav Maga is without compromise, and it is efficient. It does not have rules or codes of sportsmanship, because abiding by rules in a real situation is limiting to the practitioner. The practitioner must learn to target the most vulnerable parts of his opponent in order to neutralize him the quickest way possible and prevent him from doing damage. The fundamental motives of the art are: don't get hurt, be humble, and conduct yourself appropriately (with dignity). Reach proficiency so that you won't have to take lives. In other words, the first thing that a practitioner must do is to attempt to avoid the confrontation, however, if he is being attacked, he must respond with a minimum of equal force, and with a minimum of equal impact, in order to neutralize the threat and extract himself from danger."

  • Expect anything - there are no rules when you are being attacked
  • Use the body's natural reflexes in the defensive motion
  • Defend and attack in the minimum time required
  • Use the body's natural weapons as well as ordinary objects
  • Exploit the human body's most vulnerable spots
  • Target your opponent's weaknesses-never put power against power
  • Take no defensive action without an offensive action
  • Avoid injury

Krav Maga is a modern and innovative style of self-defense that is continually refined and developed in response to practical experience gained both in the street and in actual combat situations. Practitioners of the style constantly search for new methods to improve the style's effectiveness. Because the style is without rules, individual creativity is always encouraged.

When defending against an attack in the street, a practitioner is aware that the variables are never fixed. A practitioner may be faced with multiple attackers or an opponent with a weapon, or both. For this reason, Krav Maga emphasizes training without rules, allowing an individual to use whatever technique is best suited to the situation to defend him or herself. This includes the use of found objects as weapons, and an emphasis on targeting vulnerable points - such as the back of the neck, temples, eyes, throat, knees, and groin - of an opponent's body.

All of the Krav Maga defenses are based upon actual human reflexes-the body's natural responses. Through constant practice and repetition, effective defenses against the many possible forms of attack become automatic-almost second nature. This ensures that an actual confrontation in the street will be familiar to a practitioner and that Krav Maga techniques will be automatically utilized. As a practical fighting system, Krav Maga includes a wide range of defense options rarely found in other styles.