Krav Maga Federation Instructor Standards


Krav Maga Founder Imi Lichtenfeld

The Krav Maga Federation prides itself in providing the highest caliber of instruction at every Krav Maga Federation school. Oversight from Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi ensures that every aspect of this martial art is taught and practiced as it was handed down to him from the founder Imi Lichtenfeld and Haim Zut.

The course of becoming an instructor is a highly rigorous process which involves hard work, diligence and patience. The required Instructor Course is by invitation only and candidates are selected by a Krav Maga Federation committee and Rhon Mizrachi after considering various factors including rank, experience, personality and character. All instructors are dedicated to continuing the goals of Rhon Mizrachi and the Krav Maga Federation. Every candidate is vetted to be a potential 'face' of the Federation to the martial arts community and to the public at large.

All candidates are students of the Federation schools; their knowledge of proper Krav Maga material comes from the years spent training within the organization. While outside students who want to train with Rhon intensively are occasionally invited to attend the course, completion of an instructor course does not mean that they are Krav Maga Federation instructors, members of the Federation, or that they represent Rhon. It simply means that they trained in Krav Maga basic material taught by Rhon.

At the core of the Instructor Course is a dedication to help the candidate understand how to teach the curriculum as it was taught by its founder. The Instructor’s Course, led by Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi, a protege of both Imi Lichtenfeld and Haim Zut, includes a detailed review of Federation curriculum,

Rhon Mizrachi
Head of Krav Maga Federation
safety standards and CPR / First Aid, and instruction for the teaching of Krav Maga. As the course progresses, participants demonstrate their teaching abilities and are evaluated. Initially the prepared classes are taught to the other course participants, ultimately to regularly held classes at the NYC school.

Every candidate, upon completion of the course, works as an apprentice to a Federation instructor for 40+ hours on the mat, assisting in demonstrations and ‘walking the mat’ to help students with their form and performance. This practice allows new instructors to develop as teachers, and is a necessary step towards teaching Krav Maga. At the end of this period, Rhon Mizrachi determines his or her proficiency. Many instructors choose to attend a second instructor course; the 2 week , 7 hours per day course allows them intensive training with Rhon and advances their already considerable skills as teachers.

The Instructor Course at the Krav Maga Federation ensures that every instructor has passed through this rigorous process and has advanced to a level of understanding that makes him or her a proficient teacher. Students from every Krav Maga Federation school, of each Federation instructor, are tested together being graded by an instructor other than their own. This practice ensures that the quality of Krav Maga instruction remains constant in every Federation school. Federation school owners and Instructors are required to continue their own training as students of the art. This requirement is mandatory, ensuring that all Krav Maga instruction in all schools maintains Rhon's and the Federation's high standards and dedication to the art of Krav Maga.