The History of the Krav Maga Federation

Rhon Mizrachi, Head of Krav Maga Federation
Rhon Mizrachi
Head of Krav Maga Federation
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Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi has dedicated his life to the art of Krav Maga. He has been training for over 40 years, 25 of which have been spent as an instructor. By the age of 7, he was training in Krav Maga four times per week with founder Imi Lichtenfeld and Haim Zut.

In 1980, Rhon took his instructor course that was presided over by Imi Lichtenfeld and was made a full instructor of the art, certified by the Wingate Institute for Instructor Training. He continued to teach Krav Maga and increased his own skills through persistent training.

In November 1981, Rhon began his military service, unfortunately during a time of war like many other Israeli's.

After his service, Rhon remained in Israel for another year, teaching and training. In 1986, he left Israel for the United States, where he continued his own practice and began to teach Krav Maga.

In 1990, Rhon returned to Israel. There, he met with Imi to discuss his plans for a Krav Maga school in the United States. Rhon felt that it was necessary to honor the men who had given his life direction by carrying on the traditions that they had created, and it was with the greatest respect that he asked for his advice and blessing. When Rhon returned home, he opened the first school in the United States to be recognized by the Israeli Krav Maga Association. In 2005, Rhon was given the title of Master Instructor by the Krav Maga International Association - Kapap. He is the only Krav Maga instructor to ligitimately hold this title in the United States. Rhon has been honored with the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Krav Maga Instructor of the Year award, and with Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Fame Outstanding Contribution in the Martial Arts award for Chief Instructor.

Over the course of his career, Rhon has instructed thousands of students, including civilians, members of law enforcement, and military groups. He has conducted seminars on all aspects of the art.

After over 30 years as an instructor, Rhon continues to teach as his school, the flagship school of the Krav Maga Federation located in New York City. He believes that his role as a martial arts instructor is to change the lives of his students, and he puts that belief into practice on a daily basis. Although he hopes that his students will never have to use Krav Maga in self-defense, Rhon's philosophy is to prepare each individual for the eventuality that he or she might have to defend against an attack. His goal is that his students will eventually be better practitioners and instructors than he. If he realizes this goal, he says, he will know that he has been successful.

In 2014 Rhon was awarded a 6th Dan for his lifetime commitment to the art. However, he now wears a belt that is the physical representation of his standing in the world of of Krav Maga. He is a practitioner, teacher, leader and guardian of Krav Maga - he is the Grandmaster of the Krav Maga Federation.

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